Constituve General Assembly

Being a hybrid event, there were a total of one hundred and sixty-seven (167) participants on-site and online at the ASDS constitutive general assembly.

The main deliberations of the ASDS general assembly are presented as follows:

S/NDeliberations and DecisionsAction By



Opening The meeting began at 2:10pm with Members both on-site and online via zoom

Welcome Address The Chairperson welcomed members to the ASDS general assembly and reminded them of the essence of the ASDS. Thereafter she called on Prof Nabil Gmati for a brief presentation of the ASDS

Prof. Helene Kirchner
2.0Presentation of ASDS He highlighted the objectives of the ASDS, some of which include: Giving more visibility to African Scientists Providing a database of African Scientists Supporting training programs and research He equally outlined the planned activities of the ASDS
Prof Nabil Gmati







Presentation of the key partners and flagship collaborative initiatives
Presentation by the Director of International Relations, Inria She emphasized Inria’s willingness to support the ASDS in order to promote the attainment of the goals of the association

Recorded Presentation by the French Academy of Sciences

Presentation on Research Journals

Recorded Presentation on the Research Consortiums (UMMISCO, LIRIMA) and a future MSc Training Programme on Data science and artificial intelligence

Presentation on the Digital Science and Technology Networks (DSTN)

Presentation on the CIRIUS Project (Centre International de Rencontres Inter Universitaires Scientiques)

Call for Proposals from other prospective Members or Partner institutions

Prof. Cecile Vigouroux

Prof. Pierre Auger
Prof Engineer Bainomugisha
Prof Moussa Lo

Prof Gaoussou Camara
Prof Douada Niang Diatta

Prof. Helene Kirchner

Final Decisions
At the end of the deliberations, the following were decided: The Statutes of the Association were approved

Presentation and Approval of the Members of the Executive Committee:
President : Prof. Maurice TCHUENTE
Vice-President Northern Africa : Prof. Mohamed JAOUA
Vice-President West Africa : Prof. Moussa LO
Vice-President East Africa : Prof. Engineer BAINOMUGISHA
Vice-President Diaspora in North America : Dr Rita ORJI
Vice-President Diaspora Europe : Prof. Kamel BARKAOUI
Secretary General : Dr Vivian O. NWOACHA
Treasurer : Dr Paulin MELATAGIA

It is important to note that although the following were proposed: Prof. Engineer BAINOMUGISHA Dr Rita ORJI were proposed for appointment in the Executive Committee, and the proposition was unanimously adopted, however, since they were neither on-site nor online at the time of the election, it is essential that they confirm this appointment for proper ratification and insertion in the minutes.
Furthermore, the positions of Vice-Presidents for Southern and Central Africa are yet to be filled.

Subsequently, the approved members of the executive committee were requested to address the assembly Endorsement of the University of Dschang as the ASDS Headquarters of the ASDS Proposals were equally made to have bilingual translations and technical support Staff for the effective coordination of the ASDS activities.

The Chairperson called on the President to make some closing remarks.
The President thanked the members for their support and enjoined them to make ASDS the reference continental scholarly society for digital sciences in Africa
Subsequently, the chairperson thanked members for their contributions and enjoined them to work towards attaining the goals of the association

Prof. Helene Kirchner

Prof Maurice Tchuente
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