Find below the forthcoming Franco-African Webinar as detailed in the table:

S/N Name of Presenter Affiliation Contact Details Month Topic
1 Prof. Bamidele Oluwade
Professor of Computer Science, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Kogi State University, Nigeria
[email protected] February 2023 Qualitative Theory ofdifferential Equation and it’s relevance in Digital Science
2 Dr. Rhyma Abassi

Associate Director

Institut Supérieur Des Études Technologiques En Communications De Tunis

[email protected] March, 2023 Cybersecurity Trends in Emergent Networks
3 Dr. Tunde Adegbola
Executive Director of African Languages Technology Initiative (ALT-I), Ibadan, Nigeria
[email protected] May 24th, 2023 Natural Language Processing of African Languages
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